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The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society is supported by YOU!

LVVHS is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has been in existence since 1991 and provides services for and is funded by the local community.  Rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing, and efforts to reduce animal overpopulation through the spaying and neutering of both owned and stray animals are paid for by donations from local supporters - individuals, businesses and organizations.

LVVHS is not funded by organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States or ASPCA and is independent of these organizations.  It also does not receive government funding.  It is very much dependent on individual donations.  It raises funds through events such as the Valentine's Day Luncheon, bake sales, yard sales, and educational events.  The Wag A Tail Walk-A-Thon, which was a big fundraiser for so many years, ended because of competing events and the massive effort it took, which interfered with efforts to rescue and re-home.

Unfortunately, much of the LVVHS’s workload has increased because of changes in Clark County’s ordinances and the decision by local animal control agencies to no longer handle calls for assistance with cats except in limited circumstances.  The contract shelter for the County and most local governments have also decided to return most cats brought into the shelter - including owned cats - back to where they came from in an effort to be called “no-kill.”  These changes, which took place in Clark County in December 2015, have severely overloaded the ability of this volunteer organization to handle the resulting level of calls that are being received and have impacted the proactive nature of the organization.  At one time, the organization was able to take in owned cats and dogs from individuals who could no longer keep them.  Now, most of the cats taken in by this organization come from mother cat and kittens called into the hotline, which is the only hotline serving the public in Southern Nevada. 

In terms of annual expenditures, approximately 40% is spent in medical costs, including spay and neuter, 20% in rescue and rehabilitation, and 40% in re-homing animals taken in. These percentages may fluctuate slightly from year to year. The LVVHS seeks transparency in the manner in which it conducts business and the way it spends its money and includes financial reports on its website for viewing by its community and the public.


Financial Information

Click on the links below to download a copy of our most recent 990 filings:

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