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The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society (LVVHS) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation established according to Nevada laws for public benefit. It is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals. Its articles of incorporation detail the primary purpose of the organization as follows:

  • The prevention of cruelty to animals.

  • The relief of suffering among animals.

  • Reducing the over-breeding of domestic animals - primarily cats and dogs - through public education and sterilization programs.

  • Improving the tragic plight of animals used in biomedical research and testing.

  • Protecting endangered wildlife.


The LVVHS’s primary emphasis is on stray and abandoned animals. As a part of its efforts to deal with cruelty and the relief of suffering, it provides advocacy for animals in terms of legislation at both the local and state level. Recent examples include speaking at legislative hearings for anti-tethering efforts, dog fighting and puppy mill statutes, spay/neuter ordinances and, responding to complaints at local facilities such as the efforts which substantially reduced the sales of animals at the open air Broad Acre Swap Meet and required those vendors who continued to sell to meet temperature and other requirements.


In addition to its advocacy on behalf of animals, the LVVHS rescues and rehabilitates stray and abandoned animals, especially those that are injured.


In order to reduce the over-breeding of domestic animals, it provides low cost spay and neuter clinics (SNIP Clinics) for cats (dates and locations) and referrals for dogs. The LVVHS targets single family housing areas to provide spays/neuters for both dogs and cats in order to stop the population growth in those areas. It provides a trap-vaccinate-neuter and return to custodian program for feral cats as well.

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