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Our Story

Judith Ruiz

Judith Ruiz, Founder

The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society was founded in 1991 by Ken and Judith Ruiz.  However, at the time, “Las Vegas” and “Humane Society” was being used by a non profit already.  The Ruizes felt strongly about the name Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, what it meant, and the responsibilities that came with using that name. Therefore, it was not until 1993 when it was decided by a court that the name was allowed to be used by our organization.  That same year, Las Vegas Valley Humane Society was officially awarded their 501(3) c non profit status.  


The Ruizes previously lived in Northern California where they were volunteers with several animal welfare and rescue groups.  It was there that they learned the importance of TNR (trap neuter release) programs.  Upon moving to Southern Nevada they found a great need for such programs here as well.  Involvement in TNR programs, as well as animal adoption programs and spay/neuter efforts, were what the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society was founded on.  


When asked what the initial focus was in creating the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, Judith responded, “to stop animal suffering, breeding, and overpopulation”. Since 1991 our volunteers and staff have worked towards that statement by being involved in helping to pass the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance, setting up low cost spay/neuter programs for the community, participating in the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless cats and dogs, cat and dog adoptions, teaming with local veterinarians to help meet the spay/neuter needs, continuing TNR efforts, and microchipping the animals in our adoption programs. 


LVVHS continues to work towards our goals with the help of volunteers and the support of the community.

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