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Talk to us about a no cost solution to spay and neuter these cats.

There are estimated to be more than 200,000 feral and undomesticated cats in Clark County. The best and most humane way to deal with this population of cats is to trap, spay or neuter, and vaccinate them, then release them back to their original location where a caretaker will feed them.

A number of people feed these cats in their area, even if they don’t consider the cats as belonging to them.  They will often start by feeding a stray cat that looks hungry. The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society encourages people who are feeding these cats to partner with us to have the cat spayed or neutered. This helps to control the population of homeless animals in our community.


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If you’re feeding stray cats, please consider having the LVVHS help you to trap and spay or neuter these cats. There is no cost to you.

Please contact us for

more information.

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